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Hardwood currently out of stock

As of Friday 20th November 2020 we are out of stock on all hardwood bags until further notice. If you would like to be put on our contact list as soon as hardwood becomes available then please either complete our contact form below or email direct to info@nailsealogs.co.uk.

House coal now available

For delivery to local areas through Bristol, we now are now pleased to have in stock 20kg bags of house coal. £10 per bag. Please contact Nailsea Logs if you would like to place an order.

We are open during the lockdown period

Buy today – dry stored, seasoned firewood from £45 per half bag (125 logs approximately).

Firewood from £45

Dry stored Mixed firewood from £45 per half bag (125 logs approximately).

Hardwood from £60

Currently out of stock: Dry stored hardwood from £60 per half bag (125 logs approximately).

House coal £10

New in: we now stock 20kg bags of house coal for £10 a bag.

Free delivery to Bristol postcodes

Due to current working conditions we provide delivery only and unfortunately no collection. We will keep you posted when collections become available. Nailsea Logs are a premium firewood supply specialist based in Nailsea, North Somerset. Call (01275) 852 345 (HQ) to place an order today.

Nailsea Logs, established in 2010, is the provider of locally sourced firewood supporting Bristol and the South West. We pride our selves on extremely competitive prices, quality firewood that’s seasoned between two and four years (low moisture content with a low carbon footprint).
Dry stored firewood, ready to purchase in various size dumpy bags. On average we deliver 30% more firewood for the same price than our competitors.

Seasoned Firewood recycling specialists supporting Bristol and the South West with premium quality firewood at competitive prices.

If you are in need of a chimney sweeping service then we highly recommend Squire Sweep. Please contact Squire Sweep directly by visiting – squiresweep.co.uk.


Locally sourced

All our firewood comes from local tree surgeons (low carbon footprint) waste within Bristol and the South West.

Competitive prices

Quantity over price. We don’t price match, thats because our prices are hard to beat.

Free delivery

We provide a free firewood delivery service to all Bristol based postcodes. Please call to arrange delivery for outside areas.
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Mixed Firewood

Mixed firewood is most commonly used for log burners, open fires, chimneas and firepits compromising of both a hardwood and softwood mix, approximately 50/50 split.

Hardwood Firewood

Hardwood burns at a higher temperature than softwood and is traditionally used with log burners once up to temperature and also Aga kitchen stoves. 100 percent hardwood only. Comprises of Ash, Oak, Beach, Birch, Fruitwoods and Eucalyptus.

How it works

Nailsea logs delivers high quality mixed and hardwood firewood in whats known as ‘Dumpy Bags’. Dumpy bags measure 90cm X 90cm X 90cm and compared to a standard barrow bag we can fit almost 35% more logs into one of our dumpy bags at cheaper prices, saving you money.

  • Standard Barrow Bag = 90 logs (approx) for £65

  • Nailsea Logs Half Mixed Dumpy = 125 logs (approx) for £45

35% + logs and £20 cheaper

Place a order today

Call (01275) 852 345 (HQ) to place an order today or for further details on suppling locally sourced firewood to business premises, pubs, restaurants or hotels, please contact Ken on 07411 136 508 or Phil on 07876 352 774 or email info@nailsealogs.co.uk.

We accept BACS payment. Delivery within 48hrs once payment has cleared.

About firewood

The word seasoned when applied to firewood suggests that it has been stored outside during the summer months to dry ready for the winter. A fresh cut log can be as much as 50% moisture!

  • Kindling available upon request
  • FREE DELIVERY to all BS postcode
  • Stacking service available upon request (chargeable)
  • All firewood delivered loose

Call (01275) 852 345 (HQ) to place an order today.

When burning fresh sawn firewood a huge amount of the energy stored within the log is consumed to boil off the moisture within the log – that is before any energy in the form of heat can be radiated from the fireplace or wood burning stove etc. In other words it takes longer to achieve any heat from the log and the heat will be given off for a much shorter period!

Burning seasoned firewood allows the heat to be radiated from the log in a much shorter time which means less wood is required to build an effective fire and that the fire will give off more heat in less time!


Low moisture

Our seasoned logs generally contain between 9 – 20% moisture and sometimes even less, they have been cut during the summer and allowed to gently air dry for several months ready for successful burning in the winter.

Mixed Ash, Oak, Birch, Beech etc

Our mixed wood is a combination of hard/soft logs are normally a mixture of ash, oak, birch, beech among others and can be burnt either straight away or after storing indoors for 24 – 48 hours for best results!

Mulch specialist

We sell seasoned mulch all through the year, £20 plus delivery.
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We delivery to all BS post codes free of charge

Nailsea Logs will supply all firewood purchases to all Bristol BS post codes completely free of any delivery charges. This includes, Nailsea, Clevedon, Portishead, Long Ashton and Bristol. If you require delivery outside of these areas then please contact us for a delivery quotation.

Call (01275) 852 345 (HQ) to place an order today.

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